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Is there any other way to test application for future date, without changing server date ?

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For example,In Leave management system, one user apply for leave on future date, now on that day I want to check status of that user.

To test this scenario, I change server date to that particular future date and check the status.

Is there any other way to test this scenario?

Please help me.In my project its needed multiple times to change server date. I want solution for it.

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asked Oct 24, 2013 by anonymous  

1 Answer

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I had faced a similar scenario and I had to create test data for future dates and use the saved manually changed server time in DB all the time. I tried looking out for alternatives, but at that time nething worked for me. Maybe there is no alternative.

I would suggest start with your testing by doing it by chaning serverdates.If any break thro comes  well and good. If not, atleast you did not lose the testing time  impacting the overall estimated time.

THis needs loads of patience, May lord give you the patience to complete this.
answered Nov 21, 2013 by Nick (1,344 points)   5 25 72
Yes I get now habit to do it. But getting another problems due to it. I can't even login with any website and can't even search. It gives kind of certificate expired error. :(