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Webtable scenario in QTP

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Hi , i got one scenario . the script line states as Browser("").page("").webtable("").webtable("").webelement("").set/click/GETROProperty...
here above case , the webtable names (any one in the flow ,in some cases two ) changed as dynamically like date and time (Ex: 14/05/2013 10:10)and some times 6digit number (any number)in another case 
so ,like this changing the webtable names , how can capture names and properties .and how to manage the Object repository for parameterising the above script ?
or if it is descriptive how to manage ?
and if Regular Expressions then can you give me in detailed ,please waiting for help !!!
Thank you.
asked May 15 by anonymous  

1 Answer

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In this case , you can use Regular expression by providing the expression like

.*2013.* which will be applicable for the year 2013 .

If you wanna do it for next couple of years then change it accordingly.


Let me know if this would help you.


answered May 25 by anonymous